Rosalind Partners

Rosalind is run by a consortium with three major partners/stakeholders in conjunction with King's College London IT department.

Each member has a different area of expertise and experience. Even if it doesn't look as if any of the partners cater for your research, it may be useful if you got in touch anyway, as we may be able to open in a new direction and knowing what there is a demand for something will help make things happen in the future.


The GSTT BRC are concerned with translational research and have thus far been involved in both large and small scale genomics projects. This work was mostly carried out on the HPC cluster apollo where experiments in Exome sequencing, RNAseq, CHiPseq, whole genome analysis, gwas, metagenomics analysis and flow cytometry, to name a few, were carried out. Much of this was undertaken by the GSTT BRC bioinformatics core and a significant proportion of the sequencing data provided by the genomics core.