Accessing the system

  • Secure shell (SSH) access to the login nodes is available to access the login nodes both inside and outside the KCL network.
  • You will need to use an SSH client to connect.
  • You are required to configure SSH keys for authentication - you will also be prompted for your usual King's account password
    • Your SSH private key must be protected with a strong password, different to your King's account password
    • Upload your SSH public key to the e-Research Portal
    • If you have multiple public keys, enter one per line

To connect, point your ssh client at with your KCL user account. For example on a Linux or macOS terminal:

k1234567@nmscde001337 ~]$ ssh's password:
Last login: Wed Nov  6 16:27:08 2019 from
 -[ alces flight ]-
[k1234567@login3(rosalind) ~]$


Note, that your connection to will be automatically re-directed to one of the two login nodes:, or Both nodes should be identical in terms of configuration and available software.

SSH host key fingerprints

The first time you connect from a new client, you will be asked to verify the host key is correct. You should compare with the following lists to ensure you are connecting securely:


Key type Encoding Key
ECDSA SHA256 yku/C7tUlWbpzDOTT2DxRGDZh0Z6p1bzg9xzhuN/4i8
ECDSA MD5 32:ec:b5:12:ee:64:b0:14:83:da:0c:c6:68:07:39:41
ED25519 SHA256 ucTMQPggK+g5L66BbGrqiK0ExxkrjyhwyCFWAxGaUzc
ED25519 MD5 03:84:b2:b6:ee:a9:f3:10:12:82:e4:b4:c0:0c:ad:7d
RSA SHA256 xmoGb2AoWLiB4wLmv/4bFlyQWnIIPXxsf07o26keZuM
RSA MD5 b6:c9:54:e5:0e:7b:25:cb:d3:55:5d:2e:f9:e1:d5:02