Accessing the system


We are in the process of migrating users from the old rosalind setup to the current version which is documented in these pages. For this reason we make reference to in these instructions. is available as a backup, directs to the old infrastructure and will be re-pointed at login3/4 once migration is complete.

  • Secure shell (SSH) access to the login nodes is available to access the login nodes both inside and outside the KCL network.
  • You will need to use an SSH client to connect.
  • Connecting from outside the KCL network will require you to configure SSH keys for authentication.
    • KCL users will be able to set these up when connected on the KCL network (having authenticated with their KCL credentials).
    • External users will need to provide us with their SSH public in a support ticket.

To connect from within the KCL network point your ssh client at with your KCL user account. For example on a Linux terminal:

k1234567@nmscde001337 ~]$ ssh's password: 
Last login: Wed Nov  6 16:27:08 2019 from
 -[ alces flight ]- 
[k1234567@login3(rosalind) ~]$