Requesting a Rosalind account


Only King’s, GSTT BRC or SLaM BRC staff members may submit requests for Rosalind access. Requests for student and external collaborator accounts must be made by their supervising member of King’s or BRC staff.

Justification of resource

The Rosalind facility is free at the point of use to King’s, SLaM BRC1 and GSTT BRC2 research staff and students. When setting up access, we require a brief justification in order to ensure that the resources are being used appropriately. It also helps us track the research and teaching impact of the facility. For each user account requested we need to know:

Justification of resource

  • Short description of the research or teaching project
  • How long the access will be required for
  • Whether you want an HPC and/or OpenStack account
  • Whether the project will require data storage beyond the default quotas
  • Whether there is existing shared storage that the users account(s) require access to



Any King’s research and teaching staff member (including those in departments other than the NMS3), or researchers working directly for or funded by the either of the BRCs are all eligible for Rosalind access. Staff should email with their King’s account details and justification of resource information.


BRC staff must also have a King’s account in order to use the system. If you are a BRC staff member but do not have a King’s account (e.g. because you only have a NHS account), you may need to request an affiliate account (see collaborators).


All King’s research and taught students are eligible for Rosalind access.


  • PhD student access should be requested by academic supervisors
  • Taught student access should be requested by project superviors or teaching module leads

Supervising staff requesting student account(s) should should email with the details of the student(s) and justification of resource information.


Rosalind accounts can be created for collaborators working at non-Partner institutions. King’s and BRC research staff running projects which need external collaborator access will need to first request a King’s affiliate account for the external collaborator. Once this account is active, the King’s or BRC project lead should email with the affliliate account details and justification of resource information.


Affiliate accounts are usually created with a limited lifespan. You will need to renew these, if needed, directly with King’s IT. Once created, it is not necessary to renew the account status on Rosalind.

Terms of use

Before requesting an account, please read the terms of use — in requesting an account and accessing the system, it is implied that you agree to the terms of use as stated. This is especially important for supervisors or members of staff who are responsible for student or collaborator accounts.

  1. NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s & St Thomas′ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London 

  2. NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London 

  3. Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences, King’s College London